Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for event photography?

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How fast will I get my photos?

No one likes to hire a photographer who takes three months to return your photos. You will have access to them online within two weeks and mailed to you shortly thereafter. I often have sneak peeks available online within a day or two.

How fast will I get my album?

It depends on how fast the favorite photos are selected by you. Normally, once that happens, I can layout the album and send you a link on to review it within a few days. Once the album is signed off and any revisions are made and signed off again by you, I can send the album off to print at White House Custom Colour. They usually have it back before a week goes by. I’ll proof it to make sure it is good quality and then mail it on to you. Or I can have them ship it straight to you.

When and why do you use watermarks?

All images posted online and on our SmugMug ordering website have watermarks. It is for advertising. Your high resolution images that are shipped to you will not have watermarks.

What is a print release and do you offer one?

A print release lets you have your high resolution images printed at the photo vendor of your choice. Some require proof of permission since you did not take the photos. When I ship your disk to you, I will print a print release giving you permission to use the photos in a non-commercial manner (to post online or get printed for personal use). If you want to sell your photos to make money or to use in advertising, you will need an additional usage license.

How do you shoot a reception in low light?

I use multiple flashes using radio triggers to create bright dramatic lighting in dark rooms or outdoor locations at night. Shooting in the dark is fun for me. I am very comfortable in a variety of lighting situations.

What software do you use to edit your photos?

I mostly use Adobe Lightroom for basic editing and color correction. Then I use Adobe Photoshop for heavy editing of portraits, head shots, and modeling portfolios if needed. For album layout and design, I use Photojunction Remix.

How much time do you need to take formal wedding photos?

That can be a complicated question. The basics are that the more time you leave between major parts of your day, the easier it will be for you. Many photos we can take ahead of the ceremony if you like so that the cocktail hour between the ceremony and the reception isn’t as long. We know you want to spend time with your friends instead of being stuck in front of the camera so we can help you with your timeline to make that happen.

This is a wedding, not a model shoot. If you really want to spend all of your time getting pretty posed pictures of yourself, I know a guy. That’s all you will be doing during the reception.

What will the photographer be wearing to my wedding?

I will be dressed professionally in dress pants, a long sleeve dress shirt, and a tie. If the wedding is really formal, I will wear a nice suit as long as you promise not to have it outside in the middle of June. :)

Although, I do wear all black Merrell hiking shoes. I need the tread to keep from slipping on the rocks as I walk backwards shooting you after the ceremony. I tried wearing black leather dress shoes once and nearly killed myself.

What happens if your camera breaks because you did something stupid like step into a hole or fall in our pool?

I always take two backup cameras to your wedding. One is in a bag over my shoulder and is ready to pull out at a moment’s notice. If that one gets wet from falling in the pool, I keep a third one ready to go nearby. I also have extra flashes and lots and lots of batteries. I really don’t want to be that guy who wasn’t prepared.

Is the photographer going to drink all of our beer at the reception?

I like to be professional at all times and getting buzzed does not help you get good photographs. I’m there to work, do a good job, and document you having fun at the same time. To do that, I need to stay sharp. This event is about you, not me.

How do you pronounce your last name?

The two a’s in Haasch sound like “ahhhh” in “arghh.” Well, except without the ‘r’ unless you are from the Midwest. It sounds like Hosh. It’s German. It’s only six letters and we like to confuse people as efficiently as possible.

You still didn’t answer my question after I read all of this!

Call or email me. I’d love to talk to you.

Robert Haasch
Phone: 602-663-0335